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We fund research into and practice universal values in today’s public sphere, conserving the values of liberty, equity, fairness, justice and love, which we believe are the bedrock of society.


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Volume 21 of the Research Journal “Archive for Chinese-German private law(Archiv für Chinesisch-Deutsches Privatrecht)” has completed the editing and will be published by Beijing Yanda Yuanzhao Education Technology Co., Ltd in May 2022.

About Peking University Law School


Peking University (PKU) Law School was officially inaugurated on June 26, 1999. Its precursor was the Law Department of Peking University, which was founded in the year of 1904, and therefore the institution with the longest history of modern legal education in China. In the 1952 “grand adjustment of law departments,” it was once merged into Beijing Politics and Law College. In 1954, however, PKU Law Department regained its independency, supported directly by Vice Premier Dong Biwu, then director of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the Government Administrative Council of China’s Central People’s Government . During the “Cultural Revolution” (1966-76), PKU Law Department was one of the only two law departments survived on the Chinese mainland.

Since China’s reform and opening-up of 1978 and the resume of the national college entrance exam, PKU Law Department has developed rapidly for the past 30 years. It remains in the frontier of Chinese legal education, in terms of recruiting the most talented faculty, breaking the new grounds of research, cultivating outstanding students, and building and rebuilding China’s legal system.

Now, PKU Law School has 40 full professors, of who 29 are Ph.D. Candidate Supervisors (in addition to five adjunct Ph.D. Candidate Supervisors). Meanwhile, there are 33 associate professors, nine lecturers, and 23 teaching and administrative staff. They are playing an important role in delivering the top quality legal education, cutting-edge research, responsive works for legislation and enforcement of the law.

About Peking University Daofeng and Angela Law Fund


With the continuous deepening and expansion of China’s reform and opening up and the advancement of the construction of the rule of law, Peking University Law School faces ongoing challenges of the internationalization of legal education, talent training, transnational academic exchanges, and discipline construction to actively responds to the future. However, given the limitations of the education system in China and the current situation, high education institutions could hardly raise funds to seek exploration and breakthroughs in legal education. Peking University Law School urgently needs planning and experimental breakthroughs in long-term talent training.

Peking University Law School and Mr. Daofeng He, President of the Daofeng and Angela Foundation, had several communications and formal discussions for half a year. The two sides reached a high degree of long-term strategic consensus and project planning based on project planning a shared sense of mission.

In 2018, Mr. Daofeng He donated to the Peking University Education Foundation to establish the “Peking University Daofeng and Angela Law Fund,” donating RMB 5.3 million (approximately US$ 834,000) per year for ten years. The goals of the restricted funding include the international education exchange, the improvement of undergraduate education, and reform experiments in legal education.


Support the Research Journal

“Archive for Chinese-German Private Law”


To support basic research and cutting-edge research in the fields of civil and commercial law and social law in China, fill in the current gaps and weaknesses in these two fields, and lay the foundation and cultivate talents for the discipline and even the fundamental legal research, Peking University Daofeng and Angela Law Fund Supported the Journal project “Archive for Chinese-German Private Law(Archiv für Chinesisch-Deutsches Privatrecht).” Volume 21 of the Journal project will be published by Beijing Yanda Yuanzhao Education Technology Co., Ltd. The two parties signed a publishing contract in October 2021, and the book is expected to be published in May 2022.


Volume 20 of Archive for Chinese-German Private Law

College English Academic Journal Project


To improve the English academic ability of the teachers of Peking University Law School and the international academic influence of the school, and create an academic dialogue platform for Chinese and foreign legal communities to exchange legal skills and exchange research results on an equal footing, Peking University Daofeng and Angela Law Fund established and implemented the Teachers’ English Academic Publishing and College Academic Journal Support Project to encourage Peking University Law teachers to publish English academic results, and continue to support the editing and publishing of college’s English academic journal Peking University Law.

Peking University Law School and the British company INFORMA UK LIMITED (operated in the name of Taylor & Francis Group) signed the “Publishing Agreement” on December 12, 2018, to publish Peking University Law Review, an English academic journal of Peking University Law School.

The project supports the publishment of the English version of Peking University Law Review.


Global Faculty Initiative


In 2018, Peking University Law School officially launches “Global Faculty Initiative”, which is the first of such initiatives among law schools in China. A total of 20 distinguished law professors and legal practitioners around the world are invited to deliver courses and lectures at Peking University Law School. The initiative is intended for building Peking University Law School into a world-class law school with the help of international talent cultivation, teaching and research, and resource input.

Global Faculties of Peking University Law School are about to present cutting-edge legal courses and enrich the curriculum of Peking University Law School. They will serve as international mentors for the law school students, helping cultivate internationalized legal talents. In the meantime, academic exchange and cooperative research are on the schedule. Enhanced international influence of Chinese laws is also expected through the initiative. The professor name list of Global Faculty Initiative could be found here.

The Global Faculty Initiative includes online lectures and online courses.

From September to November 2021, the “Global Faculty Cloud Classroom” held a total of 12 online lectures. The topics of the lectures include Epidemic and International Law, Corporate Criminal Liability for Failing to Prevent Economic Crime, Criminal Law Between Tradition and Modernity, Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure in Commercial Arbitration, Legal Internalism, Criminal Law and Sustainability, US Antitrust Litigation – Chinese Companies & Other Non-US Businesses, Digital Technology and Labor: Recent Developments, EU Code of Administrative Procedure: Origins, Developments and prospects, and correctly understand the new formalism and “essentialism” in the new American private law movement.

From September to December 2021, Peking University Law School has invited Professor Shinya Murase and set up a series of online courses on “Several Issues in the Making of International Law.”

Professor Shinya Murase is a Global Chair Scholar, Emeritus Professor of International Law at Sophia University in Japan, Academician of the Academy of International Law, a current member of the United Nations International Law Commission, and Special Rapporteur on the topic of “Atmospheric Protection.”

The course starts with introducing the basic theory of the origin of international law, the way international law is implemented in China, and the basic situation of the International Law Commission. The course explains the ongoing issues to clarify the codification process and progressive development of international law. The courses are taught in lectures by teachers, classroom presentations by students, and classroom discussions.

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