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We fund research and practice into universal values in today’s public sphere, conserving the values of love, fairness, justice, freedom, and responsibility, which we believe are the bedrock of society.


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A final report will be provided when the project was completed.

About Ambassadors for Christ (AFC)


The Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) is committed to reaching Chinese intellectuals for Christ in this generation. AFC is called by God, in cooperation with local churches, to evangelize and disciple Chinese students and professionals in the United States and other parts of the world, to motivate and equip them to impact the culture for the Lord, and to mobilize and channel them into the service of Christ as a vital force for God’s Kingdom.

Developing and supporting the Chinese Christian campus minister network in the U.S. is the core strategy of the AFC in fulfilling its mission. AFC has been deeply involved in the field of Chinese Christian campus ministry in the United States for a long history and has a network of more than 100 Chinese Christian campus ministries.

States where AFC currently has active ministries include California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Tennessee.

About the Cooperation between Dao Feng and Angela Foundation and Ambassadors for Christ (AFC)


In furtherance of AFC’s mission, DaoFeng and Angela Foundation plans to strategically invest in grants, intellectual support, and capacity building, focusing on supporting American campus ministry; AFC wishes to uphold an open attitude to form strategic cooperation with DAF to jointly promote the cause of Chinese Christian campus ministry in the United States.

The two parties have formed a strong desire to cooperate, and the two parties hope to develop a joint force to operate and promote the Chinese Christian campus ministry to serve the God. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been made and entered into effective on Jun. 03, 2022 by and between Dao Feng and Angela Foundation and AFC.

Dao Feng and Angela Foundation will donate to AFC with a grant of $65,000 per year for at least three consecutive years to support one more full-time administrative staffing cost of the AFC US campus department.

Besides the donation, Dao Feng and Angela Foundation will provide intellectual support to AFC, helping AFC standardize and digitize the workflow of the existing campus ministry, improve efficiency and impact with modern management approaches, and better support the Chinese Christian campus ministry network.

Furthermore, we will provide capacity-building resources for AFC Campus Ministry Department, including but not limited to Bible course scholarships, fundraising training, etc., to help equip Chinese Christian campus ministries.

According to the pain points and needs of the AFC campus ministry development, we will bridge new resources such as the Bedrock Foundation and the Flagstone Foundation to provide additional resources within capacity, including but not limited to cash grants, professional volunteers, Bible Study courses scholarship, and other resources.


About AFC Special Fund for 2022 Vision Conference


In the December of 2022, Dao Feng and Angela Foundation and Bedrock Foundation co-provided a restricted grant for AFC Campus Ministry Vision Conference Scholarship and Stipend.

The 2022 Vision conference was held by Bridges International in Denver between Dec.28, 2022 – Jan. 1, 2023.

Dao Feng and Angela Foundation and Bedrock Foundation hope to achieve two goals through this Grant:

1. Support the AFC Campus Ministry Department to provide campus workers with an excellent opportunity to shepherd the “flock” for God.

2. Provide AFC campus staff with learning opportunities to understand how to organize youth-friendly and attractive conventions characterized by layered interactions.

Dao Feng and Angela Foundation and Bedrock Foundation support this Grant to benefit AFC Campus Ministry students and staff in two parts as strategic co-grant partners.

One part is the Conference Student Air Ticket Scholarship. Students whose campuses are over 1400 miles away from Denver could apply for up to 2/3 of their airfare from the Conference. Dao Feng and Angela Foundation has sponsored $100,000 to Bridge International to provide sufficient Air ticket Scholarships to open to AFC Campus Ministry students.

The other part is the AFC Students and Staff Special Grant (AFC Grant) sponsored by the Bedrock Foundation in the amount of $18,897.6 US Dollars. The Grant is strictly used to cover AFC Campus Ministry Staff’s necessary travel costs, 1/2 of the students’ airfare whose campus is not qualified to apply for the Conference Student Air Ticket Scholarship, and an additional student stipend for needed students listed in the attachment.


Finally, there were in total 28 AFC students and 8 AFC staff participated in the Vision Conference.

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