What We Fund

Our vision is to become a philanthropic grant-making foundation that focuses on preserving the roots of the universal values.

Our mission

  • To conserve the roots of the Christian faith

  • To preserve universal values given by God to humanity

  • To inspire fellow believers

  • To restore the power of love

We support the fields that align with our mission.

Comparative Research on Faith & Religion

We conduct and fund comparative research and communication in Religions between East and West in order to promote cross-cultural understanding of faith and belief systems. We are especially interested in research that results in practical methods that can guide believers to take action.

Research & Practice of Universal Values

We fund research into and practice universal values in today’s public sphere, conserving the values of love, fairness, justice, freedom, and responsibility, which we believe are the bedrock of society.

Conservation of Tangible and Intangible Heritage and Tradition

We fund research into and conservation of traditional heritage and values, including rehabilitating buildings of historical interest, educational activities, and projects that preserve Eastern and Western traditional values.

What We Care About

We are deeply concerned about the current faultlines in our society. In today’s world, “freedom and equality” has lost its foundational basis of “love and responsibility.” Our understanding that freedom comes with responsibility has been replaced with the hedonistic, unending pursuit of “freedom to fulfill every desire without limits.” “Love, fairness and justice” has been replaced by hatred based on group identities and identity politics. The pursuit of truth has been abandoned, with people defining “good” and “evil” depending on group identities manufactured by the media.

Our Granting Strategy

For grassroots organizations, we adopt a granting strategy of trust-based philanthropy, simplify the red tape as much as possible in the early stages of the organization’s development, and focus on providing unrestricted funds. Besides the financial aid, we provide capacity building to support the grassroot organizations and promote their growing sustainability. For staffed organizations, we require that organizations meet higher requirements in project management and reports in order to qualify for our restricted fund.

How To Apply

If you think your research or practical project or the non-profit organization you belong to meet the above fields and are interested in applying for funding from us, please click the button below to download Application Forms.

Please note that we have put three file templates in the download folder, including project application, project budget and final accounts, and project closing report. At the application stage, you only need to provide the application and budget, and the final account data and closing report need to be submitted after the project is executed.

We encourage you to contact us by sending email to service@dafnet.org before working on the heavy paperwork.

Application Forms

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