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Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster Response

Although we do not include crisis relief as a regular grant field, we want to lend a helping hand when major humanitarian crises and disasters occur. At the same time, we are willing to support volunteerism in crisis by providing funds.


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The donations supported Mercy Corps to conduct programs helping third world countries recover from disasters, build stronger communities, and find their own solutions to poverty.

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About Mercy Corps


Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working together on the front lines of today’s biggest crises to create a future of possibility, where everyone can prosper.

The mission of Mercy Corps: to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

Mercy Corps is one of America’s most effective and efficient charitable organizations. One of the projects Mercy Corps has been focusing on is helping third world countries recover from disasters, build stronger communities, and find their own solutions to poverty. Those countries include but are not limited to South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and Syria. Mercy Corps helps families turn the many crises facing them into opportunities, such as helping the food crisis, handling disease outbreak, rehabilitating infrastructure, trucking water, and assisting children education.

About Donations to Mercy Corps


Mr. Dao Feng He worked with Mercy Corps on several projects in both China and Africa and later served as a member of the Mercy Corps Board of Directors.

In 2016, Mr. Dao Feng He participated in a visit organized by Mercy Corps to Ethiopia and Uganda, he was shocked by the living conditions the people struggled with. After the Dao Feng & Angela Foundation (formerly known as Daofeng & Angela Foundation) was founded, Mr. Dao Feng He and his wife made a generous donation to Mercy Corps to promote the program’s ability to execute; the money was mainly used to provide trainings to the local NGO staff.

In 2017 and 2018, the Dao Feng and Angela Foundation provided two gifts with a total amount of $250,000 to Mercy Corps.


About Brighter Future Program


Brighter Future Program is a fifteen months’ project sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. He and collaboratively executed by Mercy Corps and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) in the Palabek Refugee Settlement Camp of Lamwo District, Uganda.

The program was initiated to provide humanitarian aid to refugees from South Sudan and while also continue to improve the Chinese NGO capabilities through this international refugee response. Based on an initial survey conducted by Mercy Corps and CFPA to understand refugee needs, the program is designed to first meet basic necessities for refugees and Ugandans in Lamwo District, improve food security by increasing agricultural production and productivity, and expand off-farm incomes by means of micro business and other activities. Through these activities, the Brighter Future Program intends to achieve a stronger market system and self-resilient economic structure in the community.

In order to meet the basic needs for refugees and Ugandans in Lamwo District, unconditional cash transfers to vulnerable refugees and host communities, consisting of 2,500 households, are made on a monthly basis for a total of six months. The increase of agricultural production and productivity are achieved through a series of steps. First, access to agricultural land is granted through negotiations with local leaders and landowners; then, tillage services, which include seed selections, agricultural trainings, and tools, are provided. Off-farm incomes, or more specifically micro business from the youth, are promoted by funding small business proposals. Out of 450 proposals, a total of 100 proposals are funded and vocational trainings are also provided to ensure the success of the micro businesses.

The Brighter Future Program was completed in May 2019. The project met its key delivery dates for all planned objectives including budget objectives. Detailed of the project can be found in the final narrative report.


About Crisis Relief in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is an island territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea. After Hurricane Irma and later Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, Puerto Ricans had to endure extremely difficult condition. They had no access to electricity and very limited drinking water resources, and they had to live in damaged houses without roofs.

The Dao Feng & Angela Foundation (formerly known as Daofeng & Angela Foundation) made a donation to Mercy Corps and Mr. He also reached out to Mercy Corps to discuss how to help the devastated people. Along with other donations and help received, Mercy Corps was on the ground in early October 2017 to provide Puerto Rico immediate relief, which included delivering meals to vulnerable communities and bringing safe water, energy, emergency cash, tools, household water filters, and portable LED solar powered lanterns. The support Mercy Corps brought to Puerto Rico for the hurricane relief was valuable within such a short time period; however, recovery from the hurricane disaster for the Puerto Ricans is still far from achieved. The Dao Feng & Angela Foundation hopes Puerto Rico will continue receiving hurricane recovery supports from various organizations, and they believe the residents in Puerto Rico soon be able to lead a normal life again.​


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