Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical History

Comparative Research and Communication on Faith & Value

We conduct and fund comparative research and communication in Religions between East and West in order to promote cross-cultural understanding of faith and belief systems. We are especially interested in research that results in practical methods that can guide believers to take action.


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This comparative research on philosophical history was conducted by Mr. Dao Feng He, the president of Dao Feng and Angela Foundation. The output of this research is Daofeng He’s new book, THE HUMAN CALLING: Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Political Philosophy (Morgan James Faith; April 26, 2022).

The Human Calling was published by Morgan James Faith, and the publication date in the US at April 26, 2022.

About the Researcher


An entrepreneur, economist, philanthropist, and policy researcher, Dao Feng He was born in Yunnan, a rural province in southwest China, and currently resides in Bethesda, MD.
In the US, Mr. He has appeared on CBS, and Fox News and the podcast “Veteran’s and Community Healthy” by Sunday Magazine (WMAL 105.9 FM) to discuss his COVID-19 rescue efforts, which he described as asking God’s calling to help fellow Americans.
Through his Maryland-based family foundation, he launched the Life Preservation Initiative (LPI) in March 2020 to donate 1,000,000 sets of PPE to frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable communities in the fight against COVID-19. Under Mr. He’s leadership, the LPI collaborated with Christian organizations such as the Salvation Army, Bowery Mission, and the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. The LPI and Mr. He have been covered in 23 press outlets including NBC, ABC, and New Evangelization Television.
In 1994, Mr. He founded the Human Resources Development Center of Western China to work with the World Bank to increase labor mobility from inland rural areas to developed coastal areas in China. This project successfully resettled 600,000 workers from impoverished counties and reskilled them to perform factory jobs or find other employment. He then went on to chair many successful business endeavors.
In 1999, while chairman of Huaxia West Company, he decided to additionally serve as acting president of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), refusing a salary. Leading an NGO independently of the government came with significant political risks, but Mr. He was determined to see social reform come to China and took many measures to protect CFPA’s work. Mr. He has been published extensively in China.
In 2019, Mr. He received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the White House for his outstanding service to fellow Americans and those most in need. The same year, Mr. He received three more awards, including the United Nations NGO/Department of Public Information’s Outstanding Achievement Award for International Alleviation, the Global Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award at the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in New York, and the International Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Award in Washington, DC.

Mr. He has been published extensively in China. The Human Calling is his first book published in the United States.

Mr. Daofeng He

About the Book


The Human Calling is a vigorously researched and profoundly spiritual narrative history of the world’s religious movements as they relate to society’s collective understanding of the nature of their relationships with others, looking ahead to what lessons from history can be applied as people navigate an age of technology worship.

Focusing on the rise and fall of spiritual movements in both the East and West, The Human Calling examines what the world’s major religions have historically offered, how they each participated in or absented from the making of modern universal values, and makes the argument for Christianity as the best path for individuals who seek their inherent value and purpose while living in a system that undermines humanity. The Human Calling takes readers through humanity’s three great reflections:

  • The Axial Age, the source of the first great human reflection on public spirit and public order
  • The 12th-19th centuries, wrestling with the question of whether people can attain individual rationality in God’s order
  • The existentialist societies of the 20th and 21st centuries, looking forward to the third great reflection on God’s plan during a period of radicalization, upheaval, and technology worship

The Simplified Chinese version of The Human Calling was published in Mainland China in 2021 and has received an overwhelming response.

The Traditional Chinese version was published in Hongkong, China in 2023, and the 2nd Simplified Chinese version will be published in 2024.

The Human Calling was published by Morgan James Faith in the US at April 26, 2022, and became a Wall Street Journal, USA today and Amazon Best-seller. Around 8000 books, including paperback, E-book, and audiobook, have been sold till Jan, 2024.

Now the book is available on Amazon, and was collected by 54 Libraries in United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, Ecuador, Botswana, and South Africa, including Library of Congress, Harvard Yenching Library, Georgetown University-Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library, Indiana University Library, West Virginia University Library, OCLC Asia Pacific Library, University Library of Columbus, Dallas Public Library, etc.

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